Apple Pie

“Momma” “Wats a Ghome?” Little Vicky was only six, and was always wanting answers.
“I don’t know” or “Just because” were not answers, those types of responses only did one thing, trigger the petite little redheads mind into explorer mode.

“There is no such thing as a Ghome, sweetie” smiled her mother, and then tried to change the subject.
“Miss Jenkins is out tending her garden; you love helping her.” Her mother said as she pointed out the kitchen window hoping Vicky would change interest.
She had a sink full of dishes to do and didn’t have time for Ghomes, dragons, or what ever subject that gets into her little girls head.

“Your lying momma” “you jus wont tell me cause you think I am too lil’ to undastand” protested the little girl.
“I will go find a Gnome and be his friend”
“I will then bring him home for you to see that I am not too lil” She protested as her little feet stomped out the kitchen side door.

Vicky, knowing her mother could see her out the window, stomped all the way down the steps, across the lawn, and all the way next door to Kevin’s. Her best friend in the whole wide world.

“Is kevie home” Vicky asked
Her face grew bright and she had smiles from ear to ear when Mr Walker replied “Yes” then yelled into the house,
“KEVVVINN!” “Little Vicky is here to see you” then he asked Vicky in.

“Naaa, I haff to ask Kevie sumthin private, I’ll jus wait out here for him”

“Very well” then shut the door.

A million minutes had past while Vicky waited on the porch for Kevin. Well in Vicky’s world that’s how long it took, she practically wore the bottoms off her pink Barbie sneakers pacing back and forth and up and down the steps, she knows because she checked the bottoms of them at least 5 times as she paced.

“Kevie” Vicky smiled as he comes out. “I haffa ask you sumtin”
“Do you believe in Gnomes? Huhhh, do you?”

Kevin was Vicky’s boyfriend in her tiny mind, and even though he was fifteen and almost grown, Vicky knew that someday she would be as old as him and she will marry him.

“Gnomes you say” Kevin replied as rubbed his chin and thought
“I seen one just this morning out by the apple tree, picking up apples off the ground,”
“He couldn’t have been but so tall” Kevin explained as he held his arm up to about his own waist. “You know Vicky, I do not know how he managed to carry off all those apples he had gathered” he said as he scratched his forehead.

“Where did he go to Kevie?” “Tell me pleezzee” Vicky questioned with hopefulness.

“I reckon he went home Vicky” “Gnomes love apple pie, I bet his wife already baked one and he is eating pie right now”

“I like apple pie too” Vicky boasted, knowing now that once she finds a Gnome, he will be her friend cause she will bring him the biggest apple pie in the whole world.

Vicky then ran off towards home without even saying goodbye to Kevin. She then headed straight for her garage and found what she was after, her little red wagon, and then she ran straight for the apple tree.

It took her quite a while to fill the wagon with apples, after all, Gnomes only like the biggest and red’est ones.
“Even I am smart enough to know that”, Vicky thought as she studied each and every one she picked up off the ground.

She could only count to 100 but she knew she had over a million apples, which were just enough for the apple pie, she thought as she then started home.

“Mommy” “I wanna bake the Gnomes an apple pie” “Will you help me?”
“MOMMA” “Where are you?”

“I’m here” replied her mother as she came out of the laundry room carrying a basket full of clothes, “What’s this about apple pie?”

“Kevie told me that Gnomes likes pies and I picked a million apples and I am going to make them the biggest apple pie evaa and you can’t stop me” explained Vicky then asked sadly “Can you help me peeeesssee?”

Her mother chuckled to herself and replied “Well certainly my dear”

“Yayyyyyy” Vicky replied and headed straight for the kitchen, pulling her wagon behind her.

It took quite a while for them to peel all the apples, and make the pie, and it was a good thing mommy helped or it would have taken her a hundred days at least, to make the pie all by her self.
“It will be the bestest pie eva, after all, forming the crust is the most important part,
Vicky thought as she pressed and pressed the dough, with her tiny fingers.

“It is done yet momma?” questioned Vicky again.
“No Vicky, it still has 10 more minutes to bake” “I will tell you when it is done” explained her mother.

Vicky went back outside, sat on the steps and continued to stare at the apple tree, hoping the Gnome would come back again, but it was starting to get late, and it was beginning to get dark out.

“He’s probably eating dinner too” thought Vicky as she got up and went inside and headed for the bathroom to wash up for dinner.

Later after dinner Vicky asked “We gonna have apple pie now for dessert?”

“I thought you wanted that pie for the Gnomes, Vicky?” asked her mother as she begins to cut the pie and give Vicky a piece.

“Well, Gnomes like to bake their own pies” “They wouldn’t like our pie” explained Vicky as she smiled and began to eat her pie with both hands.

With a full mouth full of pie, Vicky then asks

“How old do I haffa be wen I marry Kevie?”


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